2013 World Boxing Championships in Almaty

Dars Films produced this video for the advertising campaign of the 2013 World Boxing Championships on BBC World News. We filmed it in Almaty in May 2013.

Dars Films produced many clips promoting sports events. In the addition to the promo video, we produced the video “It is worth every moment”. It is very special for all of us. During filming sessions, the entire crew of DARS FILMS was charmed by Serik Sapiev, Olympic Boxing Champion (2012), multiple world champions and the winner of Val Barker Trophy. The video “It is worth every moment” is not a commercial project. The aim was to present the Champion to the world in the way we see him. It was a great joy to work with Serik during the project and it is a great honour to keep in touch with him after the filming sessions.

It is worth every moment!