Filming Legends of Kazakhstan

We filmed “Legends of the Great Steppe” in Kazakhstan during July – September 2017. As a reult we produced two series. The first one was “Legend of the Golden Warrior” and the secon one was “Legends of the Great Steppe”. Each video has two langauge versions (English and Russian) for each format (30 sec and 2 min). Later on, TV commercial and the short film was produced in the Kazakh language as well. You are welcome to watch all videos on our web site.

Legend of the Golden Warrior:

Legends of the Great Steppe:

Legends of the Great Steppe were broadcasted on BBC World News, Euronews and National TV channels in Russia and Kazakhstan. As part of the project we produced TV documentary “”Legends of Kazakhstan”. Footage of our documentary was used by BBC World News for creating the film “Legend of the Golden Man: Secrets of the Great Steppe”. 

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